Pure™ Essentials a brand by Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd

Pure™ Essentials a brand by Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd

Pure™ Essentials a brand by Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd

Pure™ Essentials a brand by Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd

Pure™ Essentials a brand by Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd
Pure™ Essentials a brand by Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd
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Air Revitalizer | Revitalisor | Water Air Purifier | Ionizer Aroma Essence
Humidifier | Ultrasonic Misting Device Aroma Concentrate
Reed Sticks Diffuser · Ceramic Aroma Diffuser Reed Diffuser Refill
Aroma Nebulizer | Ambient Scenting | Air Aroma Diffuser
Air Fragrancing Device | Air Scenting Equipment 
Aroma Concentrate (Extra Strong)
Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray (Standard | Mini)
(Pillow | Linen | Room Freshener Spray)
Deluxe Aroma Mist Spray Refill
Wooden Aroma Diffuser Wooden Aroma Diffuser Refill
Candle Burners · Aromatic Lamp Diffusers Aromatherapy Oil
Electric Diffuser · Electric Vaporizer Aromatherapy Oil
Car Scenter · Tulip Aroma Diffuser Aromatherapy Oil
Aroma Diffuser · USB Aroma Diffuser Aromatherapy Oil
Glass Aroma Diffuser Aromatherapy Oil


Massage Oil Blends
100% Pure Essential Oils
Certified Organic Pure Essential Oils 
Premium Grade Carrier Oils
ULV Cold Fogger /
Nano Mist Sprayer | Atomizer
Pure™ Antimicrobial Concentrate /
Alcohol-free Hospital-grade Disinfectant
70% Ethanol v/v
95% Ethanol • 99% Ethanol
Disposable Face Mask with Aroma Peppermint Beads
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About us About us

About us

Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd (WST) is a diversified international trading / manufacturing company incorporated and based in the Republic of Singapore

This country, being one of the freest economies and busiest ports in the world contributed to WST’s ability to capitalise and tap on the world resources thereby bridging businesses globally.

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Google Reviews

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Lily NG
22 Mar 2022

Good service from the staff

Doris Lee
25 Aug 2021

Being purchase quite a few type of essential oil from the dealer, reasonable price and quality of the product is good

Anna Tan
30 Dec 2021

Repeat customer. The reed diffuser diffuses well and the smell is lasting. Love it!

Rozli Ahmad
30 Dec 2021

It's Sunday and still Samly had answered.my sms and request of purchasing an item. Awesome service. She really think out of the box to serve me when I need help. Thanks again for awesome staff. W...

12 Oct 2021

Bought a revitalised. Service was good. Staff make and effort to make a call letting me know that there’s an outlet nearer to me for my self collection and check out the scent. Happy with the servi...

Hairul Azmi
18 Nov 2021

Great products and excellent service. Customer service is very prompt. Have used two other brands before and Pure Essentials products have proven to be much better. Thank you Pure Essentials.

Marie Teo
30 Dec 2021

Repeat order, Odour Eliminator is my favourite. I also like the sweet scents like Apricot and Green Apple, but not so much the Eucalyptus.

Joleen Tan
11 Jan 2022

The seller was really friendly and the things came the next day after i order. The essential oils smells really great too. Highly recommend!

Kang Yixian
30 Dec 2021

Bought the air purifier and was pleasantly surprised by the wide selection of essential oils. Great natural-smelling essence, my boys love it! Also bought the mist-sprays, really freshens up the ro...

24 Aug 2021

I really love the tea tree fragrance as it doesn't give me any headache! The air purifier fragrance refreshes the room and creates a really comfortable environment to work in.. thanks! Good to know...

Abdul Halim Abdullah
2 Oct 2021

Everything Was Excellent.. Been using this product since 2017.. I’m very satisfied with my ordered and will order more... Recommended... Thank you...!

Ferlicia Lim
15 Mar 2022

I totally trust Wan Shon’s products! Been using their products for years and they are always consistent with great quality.

Balthier Cylus
18 Nov 2021

A regular customer over the years. Their products and services are always amazed me and top notch. I've seen them introduced products over the years like Antimicrobial and many new fragrances/scent...

Lionel Hobday
22 May 2021

Been purchasing from them since 2019. Been communicating with Alger all this while for our fragrances from electrical diffusers, aroma concentrates to anti-micro bacterial mist. He's real good with...

Sara Shah
15 Nov 2021

Delivery was super fast! I ordered and 24 hours later they delivered. And as expected product quality is superb. I got the Fractionated Coconut oil for blending my essential oil and I am happy I di...

Sharon Kwek
29 Nov 2021

I have been using Pure Essentials products for a few years. Had a home water air purifier and car water air purifier. Both products had served us well. Keep the air clean and fresh. Yesterday j...

Andy Ta
18 Jan 2022

Good quality, reasonably priced and fast. Been a fan for years.

Denny Suhardy
22 Sep 2022

Good price and service.*Two thumbs up!*

Chai May
8 Sep 2020

Good service and recommend to purchase

Zelia Teo
15 Feb 2022

Sales person very informative n friendly! :)

Nor Mohd
18 Sep 2022

Very good product and customer service is excellent.


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Opening hours: Open Daily 10:30am - 10pm
Block 625 Elias Road #01-316 Elias Mall, Singapore 510625
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01 / 
21 Jul 2022

Introductory video of Wan Shon Trading Pte Ltd

21 May 2022

Learn our types of oil for the various aromatherapeutic hardwares

21 May 2021

Water Air Purifier In Action (Office)

21 May 2021

See how our Water Air Purifiers cleans the surrounding environment!

21 May 2021

Aroma Essence for use in Water Air Purifiers

21 May 2021

Humidifier J88 in action

21 May 2021

Humidifier to reduce dry skin and adds a dose of fragrance to your environment!

21 May 2021

AC-87 Nebulizer

21 May 2021

NB-328 Nebulizer

21 May 2021

Car scenter

21 May 2021
21 May 2021
21 May 2021