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Model H14 Portable USB-C Aroma Diffuser Set

Model H14 Portable USB-C Aroma Diffuser Set

Model H14 Portable USB-C Aroma Diffuser Set

Model H14 Portable USB-C Aroma Diffuser Set

Model H14 Portable USB-C Aroma Diffuser Set
Model H14 Portable USB-C Aroma Diffuser Set


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Model H14 Portable USB-C Aroma Diffuser Set

  • $80.00

The Model H14 Portable USB-C Aroma Diffuser Set boasts a stylish design crafted from eco-friendly aluminium alloy using innovative techniques, setting a milestone in the aroma diffuser industry. Its surface showcases a delicate frosted texture, achieving a modest yet luxurious appearance. With a thoughtfully designed structure that creates a fan-shaped atomization pattern, it ensures thorough atomization of Aromatherapy Oil / 100% Pure Essential Oils without residue or spillage, resulting in uniform and rapid diffusion of particles. The newly designed display panel interface follows a minimalist style, making it user-friendly and easy to operate enhancing overall convenience.

Type of Aroma Solution: Pure™ Aromatherapy Oil / 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Product Specifications

  • Dimensions(L) 7.2cm x (W) 7.2cm x (H) 13.8cm
  • Dimensions (Gift Box)(L) 20.8cm x (W) 10.1cm x (H) 8.5cm
  • Bottle Capacity10ml
  • Coverage AreaUp to 100m3
  • Rated InputDC5V-1A
  • Rated Power (DC5V-1A)6W
  • Rated Power (Li-Battery)2W
  • Power SourceUSB Type-C Interface

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