Ceramic Candle Burner

Ceramic Candle Burner

Ceramic Candle Burner

Ceramic Candle Burner

Ceramic Candle Burner
Ceramic Candle Burner
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Candle Burner • Aromatic Lamp Diffusers

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Ceramic Candle Burner (Big Design)

  • $19.90

Candle Burner emits an atmospheric lighting effect that is aesthetically warm, romantic and surreal to your surroundings.
It heats up the fragrance oil at the bowl and exudes pleasing fragrances that complements the surrounding mood.

When used in conjunction with our Aromatherapy Oil solution, you can feel the direction of your sense of smell changes as the heating element evaporates the oil.

Purchase our Pure™ Aromatherapy Oil to lift your mood today with our fragrances!

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Product Specifications

  • Dimensions (Gift Box)(L) 13.1cm x (W) 13.6cm x (H) 12.6cm
  • Capacity150ml
  • Colours AvailableBlack, White, Navy Blue, Black & Olive

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