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Polished Reed Sticks

Polished Reed Sticks

Polished Reed Sticks

Polished Reed Sticks

Polished Reed Sticks
Polished Reed Sticks


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Reed Sticks Diffuser • Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

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Polished Reed Sticks

  • $1.50

Our Polished Reed Sticks are specifically designed for use with our Reed Diffusers (excluding Model A8). They operate on the principle of capillary action, enabling the fragrance to travel up the reed sticks when the bottle is immersed with oil. As a result, the delightful and pleasing scents gently permeate the environment, creating a wonderful aromatic experience. To ensure this delicate process occurs efficiently, we offer our Reed Diffuser Refill Oil. This specially formulated aroma solution optimizes the fragrance diffusion, allowing for a continuous and effective release of scents.

Embrace the captivating world of aromas with our Reed Diffuser Refill Oil and Reed Diffuser, and transform your space into a fragrant haven.

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  • Colours AvailableBlack and Bleached

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