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ULV Cold Fogger Machine

ULV Cold Fogger Machine

ULV Cold Fogger Machine

ULV Cold Fogger Machine

ULV Cold Fogger Machine
ULV Cold Fogger Machine


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Model S3 Cordless Knapsack Battery ULV Cold Fogger

  • $1,100.00

ULV stands for ultra-low volume and it works by using air mass at low pressure to convert liquid into fine droplets which are then dispersed into the air. The converted low volume of liquid are minuscule and measured in microns creating fog that covers a very large area.

Generally, ULV Cold Fogger are used both indoors and outdoors and an example of such application is environmental cleaning by spraying disinfectant solution. As fine droplets, it retains longer in the air and contacts airborne viruses / bacteria / microorganisms effectively neutralizing them.

An advantage of using ULV Cold Fogger is its cost savings when using in the long run as it uses a small amount of disinfectant solution and the fog covers large area while disinfecting every inch of space and even the smallest of nooks and crannies like corners and ceilings where bacteria and viruses conceal.

When used as a gardening tool, ULV Cold Fogger allows you to water plants / flowers / trees as well as applying pesticides.

DO NOT use alcohol-based disinfectant solution when using the ULV Fogger Machine.
Alcohol-based disinfectants are highly-flammable, which is a fire hazard if an ignition source is present!

Why Add-on purchase of Pure™ Antimicrobial Concentrate?

Pure™ Antimicrobial Concentrate is an alcohol-free hospital-grade disinfectant that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
It is Made in USA and is EPA (USA) and National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore registered.

  • List of freebies for Add-on Purchase
  • Pure™ Antimicrobial Concentrate
  • ●  Free 1 x Nano Mist Sprayer / Atomizer K5 for every 5L purchased
  • ●  Free 1 x Nano Mist Sprayer / Atomizer M2 for every 10L purchased
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Product Specifications

  • Dimensions(L) 47.73cm x (W) 18.95cm x (H) 46.2cm
  • Tank Capacity8000ml
  • Battery Capacity15Ah(15000mAh)
  • Spray Distance5-8m
  • Spray Volume120-180ml/min
  • Droplet Size˂ 35μm - ˂ 60μm
  • Power240W, 24V
  • Weight5.6kg

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