Car Scenter Set

Car Scenter Set

Car Scenter Set

Car Scenter Set

Car Scenter Set
Car Scenter Set
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Car Scenter • Tulip Aroma Diffuser

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Car Scenter Set

  • $13.90

The car scenter uses the cigarette compartment of the car to power up the device. It utilizes heat and oil pads for it to work.
5 Oil pads are provided as a set for every purchase and when they are absorbed with fragrance oil and heated, the oil evaporates and surrounds the car with delightful scents.

Choosing the correct type of oil can be a hassle at times.
Pure™ Aromatherapy Oil is a solution the resolves this while emiting the best of our range of fragrances for your needs!

Package includes: Free 1 x 15ml Pure™ Aromatherapy Oil & 5 Oil Pads

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Product Specifications

  • Dimensions(L) 4.3cm x (W) 3.5cm x (H) 9cm
  • Power3W / DC 12V
  • Power SourceCar Cigarette Compartment

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